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Benedict Condoms

The UK foreign office is tripping over itself to apologise to the Vatican following the leak of an internal memo drafted by a junior civil servant suggesting some “naive and disrespectful” ideas for marking a planned visit by the Pope in September. The Daily Fail Mail has a frothy outraged article on it, but I’d read this article by the BBC if you prefer your journalism to contain less fuckwittery.

The suggestions were frankly fairly entertaining, including suggestions the Pope may wish to bless a gay marriage, open an abortion clinic or that “Benedict” branded condoms could be made to mark the occasion. Funny yes, but probably more appropriate to have saved for a discussion with mates in the pub rather than forwarding to Downing Street and a number of other Whitehall offices.

In response to this incident, Peter Forster, the bishop of Chester said in a radio interview that:

“I think that Christianity has been so much a part of the furniture of our society that it tends to be neglected and taken for granted…There’s a ‘familiarity breeding contempt’ in some circles of society about our Christian heritage which leads to the distasteful events we had yesterday with that memo”

So what? Christianity doesn’t and shouldn’t get a free pass to the land of unquestionable respect. The Catholic church might be a religious organisation, but when it speaks out as it often does on issues such as contraception, abortion, homosexuality etc. it goes beyond the spiritual and enters the political arena. Once there it opens itself to satire and ridicule just as any other political stance taken by anyone else is. Also, neglected and taken for granted? I wasn’t aware we were under any obligation to take care of it.

In totally unrelated news, leader of the Daleks, Stephen Hawking has been warning the world of the dangers of trying to contact alien life. Apparently Hawking thinks that there’s a pretty good chance that any aliens that come visiting could well be essentially space vikings, and would plunder our planet for resources before buggering off again. He’s probably right!

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