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I just read this article from RIA Novosti about the Ukrainian Parliament descending into chaos over the ratifying of a deal with Russia over a naval base and couldn’t help but laugh. Granted I don’t know anything about the situation and I’m sure there’s probably a good reason why many Ukrainians are so angry about it, but still, eggs and smoke bombs being thrown during a parliamentary session just tickles me.

Despite the heckling and jeering from the back benches in the House of Commons, I don’t believe we’ve ever had a full on brawl break out, which is something of a shame. Perhaps if we wind up with a hung Parliament after May 6th, we could decide who gets to be Prime Minister with a trial by combat.

In such an event I suspect Brown would really be up against it. He’s not only older than both Clegg and Cameron, but he’s blind in one eye which must limit his field of vision on that side. Cameron and Clegg strike me as fairly evenly matched; in a straight one-on-one the outcome would likely come down to preparation and conditioning. I would put Clegg ahead as a marginal favourite.

Of course, in the more likely event of a three-way bout everything changes. Raw pugilistic ability would need to be partnered with shrewd tactics. Brown and Cameron have plenty of bad blood between them, perhaps Clegg would be best advised to hold back and wait for Brown and Cameron to duke it out, then step in to take on whomever emerged the victor on the assumption they would have been weakened.

Brown and Cameron may both feel they can best the other, and double-team Clegg to take him out of contention so they can get back to the age old battle of Tory Vs. Labour.

Either way it would be the pay-per-view event of the century. in fact, I’m starting to think we shouldn’t bother with the election at all!

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