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Zombie Sunday

My wife and I are both fans of zombie movies. As any fan of the genre knows, the vast majority of zombie films out there are very bad – and perhaps to some extent that’s part of the appeal. More often than we’re horrified by the brain-eating, lurching undead, we’re able to laugh at shockingly bad special effects, acting that would make even Terry Stone look good (Hard to believe I know) and plots that make so little sense you’re left wondering if the screen writer had been smoking crack, the editing was brutally left key story elements on the cutting room floor to squeeze a previously four hour epic into ninety minutes, or some combination of the above.

Every Sunday, we have vowed to set aside enough time for at least one Zombie movie – we’ve been doing this for a while now and, in fairness sometimes the definition of zombie gets stretched a little, so much so that perhaps Supernatural Sunday would be a more accurate moniker, but the original is here to stay at least for the time being.

Yesterday we managed to watch two zombie movies. The first, a movie directed by Lucio Fulci – a director who may have come to the attention of many fans of B-movie horror. Fulci teetered on the brink of brilliance I think, he had vision but sadly lacked the talent to see it through. A lot of what he tried just didn’t work, tethered presumably by small budgets and, well, a lack of actual ability. Still the 1979 movie, Zombie had some good ideas, which were then butchered by atrocious acting and continuity mistakes almost to numerous to believe they were accidental. Still, it was fun to watch in its own way and was entirely rescued by a scene in which a zombie fights a shark. Something that epic can’t be all bad.

The second undead offering of the night was Dance of the Dead. I enjoyed this one. It was intentionally funny this time, and while the acting wasn’t anything special and there were big holes in the story, it managed to find the right balance between zombie-tastic action and comedy. Certainly one to watch if you like zombie flicks and you fancy a chuckle.

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