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This probably needs a snappy title, but it doesn’t have one

I’ve watched a few films lately, and figured I’d give my fingers some exercise and type some stuff about them. I’m pleased to say that none of these movies featured talentless plank of wood, Terry Stone.

Pride & Glory

Edward Norton and Colin Farrell team up for this one. It’s about police in New York and thus the story trots along the inevitable cliché avenue of corruption and the like. There’s a good story in this movie, but to be quite blunt about it, it’s too long. It runs for over 2 hours and there are a lot of scenes which should probably have just been left on the cutting room floor. I totally get that building a background for a character allows us to feel empathy for them when shit hits the fan or what have you, but in this instance, those scene disrupt the flow of the main story and don’t really add anything significant to the characters development. It’s almost as though they were added as an afterthought.

“Hey this is a good movie, but what it needs is more human interest”
“You mean like, scenes to show these otherwise tough-guys to have a caring, sensitive family focused side?”
“Yeah that’s it! We’ll toss in some scenes where they get a bit emotional about stuff and maybe tell someone they love them. That kinda shit. It’ll be great. Oscars all ’round I reckon!”

Still, it’s not a bad movie, a solid 6/10 I’d say.


This one’s been around a while, I’ve seen it before but I don’t believe ever commented on it. It’s a comedy-horror dealy, with some genuinely pretty good horror moments, while still being very funny. Good script, good cast and probably able to pick it up in a bargain bin for next to nothing. I know this, because I did. Excellent movie.


Righteous Kill

De Niro and Pacino play a couple of detectives on the hunt for a serial killer. It was written by Russell Gewirtz, who also wrote ‘Inside Man’ which is another excellent movie. I enjoyed this one. The story flowed well, the acting as you may expect from two old legends like these two is excellent and there’s a quite cool, if somewhat predictable twist in the tale. I figured it out not too far into the movie, but it was well handled all the same.


Knockaround Guys

I felt like I probably shouldn’t have liked this. It had a lot of warning signs flashing when I first looked it over – Vin Diesel and Seth Green, er, really? Amazingly though, this is well worth a watch. The story is kinda predictable in many respects, but its well done. John Malkovich features in the cast, and he is brilliant as always. This is by no means a great cinematic masterpiece, but for an entertaining movie to kill some time, it’s worth a watch.


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