Bullshit & Ignorance

Wait, was that another decade that just went by?

Where’s my fucking flying car? That’s what I want to know. We’re living in the future and sure, we have some pretty cool technology and all, but we were definitely sold short on the flying cars and rocket packs.

2010 was a pretty big year for me personally, what with me moving to another continent and getting married and all. It was a pretty interesting year for British politics, too. I mean, a Conservative/LibDem Coalition? Really? I wouldn’t have believed it a year ago. That’s not what we (well not really me at this point I guess) actually got though, is it? Seems to me what the British public really got was a Tory government with Nick Clegg bolted on (by his lips. To Cameron’s arse) doing a great job of destroying any and all credibility the LibDems are likely to have…pretty much ever again. Good job, fella.

Anyway. Happy New Year to all!

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