Bullshit & Ignorance

July 8, 2011

Maybe I’m just a cynic

So during my daily perusal of the morning news, I found myself reading this article about Man City’s Craig Bellamy – a top-flight professional footballer for those of you to whom that means nothing.

Craig it seems, sees himself as something of a philanthropist. While discussing the possibility of a wage cut to facilitate a move to another club, Bellamy tells the Telegraph newspaper that he couldn’t possibly do that, because he has charity commitments who depend upon him. He has an academy in Sierra Leone, where he has 13 kids who he has to take care of “ in, day out. [His] wages are more important to them, than they are for [him].”

What a guy. But wait. The wages he won’t take a cut in are a fairly fucking staggering £80,000 a week. A WEEK. Craig, fella, the average yearly wage in Sierra Leone is around $200. At current exchange rates that’s what, 125 quid?

If a big earning professional sports person can use their earning potential to provide cash to charities then I’m not knocking that. That’s fair enough. But to claim you can’t possibly take a cut in wages from £80k a week because of it sounds like bullshit to me. Maybe we need an infomerical thingy to help him out.

Every year, top sports personalities like Craig have to work for less money. They still have to spend the same few hours a week chasing a ball around a pitch, but this year, without your help, Craig will only earn £60,000 a week. Give what you can today to help Craig help a dozen kids in Sierra Leone, while still driving around in a Ferrari or whatever. Our volunteers are waiting for your call.

July 7, 2011

On the subject of Amazon reviews

What the fuck goes through someone’s head before they write and submit a review for something on Amazon that is thousands of words long? Whether it’s a wall of text without a single paragraph break, or broken down into sections and sub-sections, it’s still kinda mind boggling. If I went looking for a review of something I was considering buying, I might pay some attention to Dr. A. Herpenderp, renowned thingyologist, a leader in the field of whatever the fuck I was looking at, but even then I’d probably just skim over a fucking dissertation on it, especially if that something is a fucking CD or video game, or a toaster or whatever.

I mean, cool, if I was looking at spending millions on a private jet or a yacht; or some fancible surgical equipment or other space-aged tech or something, I might be inclined to spend the time to carefully research the topic but a toaster? Really?

Then there are the people who give shit low ratings because they had a bad customer service experience with Amazon, or with whoever the fuck delivered it to them. That’s not a PRODUCT REVIEW you twats. I don’t care if you had a bad experience buying it, I want to know if the fucking THING does what it’s meant to. Also, why the fuck are you giving something a bad review because it does exactly what it’s meant to, but you wanted something that does something else entirely and bought it by mistake? I fail to see how that is the fault of the product.

Okay, rant over.