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On the subject of Amazon reviews

What the fuck goes through someone’s head before they write and submit a review for something on Amazon that is thousands of words long? Whether it’s a wall of text without a single paragraph break, or broken down into sections and sub-sections, it’s still kinda mind boggling. If I went looking for a review of something I was considering buying, I might pay some attention to Dr. A. Herpenderp, renowned thingyologist, a leader in the field of whatever the fuck I was looking at, but even then I’d probably just skim over a fucking dissertation on it, especially if that something is a fucking CD or video game, or a toaster or whatever.

I mean, cool, if I was looking at spending millions on a private jet or a yacht; or some fancible surgical equipment or other space-aged tech or something, I might be inclined to spend the time to carefully research the topic but a toaster? Really?

Then there are the people who give shit low ratings because they had a bad customer service experience with Amazon, or with whoever the fuck delivered it to them. That’s not a PRODUCT REVIEW you twats. I don’t care if you had a bad experience buying it, I want to know if the fucking THING does what it’s meant to. Also, why the fuck are you giving something a bad review because it does exactly what it’s meant to, but you wanted something that does something else entirely and bought it by mistake? I fail to see how that is the fault of the product.

Okay, rant over.

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